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Buzzard bird

Identification of Buzzard bird

Buzzard Bird 1 Length: 51-57cm Wingspan: 113-128cm Call: "peeee'yahh"

Buzzard Bird is the commonest and most widespread medium-sized raptor in our region. In soaring flight it holds its broad wings pressed forward slightly in a shallow 'V', and the short broad tail is spread. Buzzard Bird glides with wings held flat, or cruises with them cranked and angled at the carpal joint. It has a compact body, thick neck and short rounded head, and the plumage is variable - typically uniform dark brown above with a dark brown head and chest, a lighter patch on the breast that is always paler than the brown belly or belly sides. The tail of buzzard bird is greyish or paler brown, and adults have a darker terminal band. The carpal patches are obviously darker, flight feathers are greyish and the primary and secondary tips are dark, forming a dark wingtip and trailing edge.

Habitat of Buzzard Bird

Preferred habitat of Buzzard bird is a mosaic of woodland and open areas, the former for breeding and refuge, the latter for hunting, which takes place over clearings, farmland, grassland, pastures and forest edge.Species of buzzard bird is often seen and heard in hilly country, soaring around on updrafts, and not infrequently hovers rather awkwardly. It typically nests in a tree in woodland, both deciduous and coniferous, although it may nest on the ground, such as on a cliff or bluff when in treeless habitats such as moorland.

Song / call of Buzzard Bird

Buzzard Bird 2

Buzzard bird is quite vocal, particularly while around its territory in the breeding season. Buzzard bird gives a loud plaintive disyllabic cry "peeee'yahh" and "peeeeooh", uttered usually on the wing but also while perched. Various permutations are given in different situations, and around the nest or during courtship it can be heard to make a very high-pitched shrill "eeee'o 'eeee'o 'eeee'o", a begging "iihp iihp iihp iihp" and a rather corvid-like "how! how!", but generally the vocabulary is limited. It makes up for its lack of vocal range by calling frequently!