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Osprey Bird

Identification of Osprey Bird

Osprey Bird 1 Length: 55-58cm Wingspan: 145-170cm Call: "piou-piou-piou-piou"

Osprey bird is a large raptor with unique plumage and a distinctive silhouette. Osprey bird has a slim body, shortish tail and long wings that are cranked at the carpal, which is pushed forwards. When soaring, the long forewing is drooped and the secondaries raised. The small head is white, with a brown line through the eye, and the underparts are pure white with a brownish wash across the breast, darker in the female. The upperparts are uniform deep brown, while the underwing is well marked with white underwing coverts, grey flight feathers (which are barred), and there is a strong blackish bar along the tips of the wing coverts. It also shows a prominent black carpal patch and black primary tips.

Habitat of Osprey Bird

Osprey bird is dependent on its food source of medium-sized fish, it can be found around unpolluted lakes, rivers, estuaries, reservoirs and other freshwater bodies, and while on passage can visit an even wider variety of wetlands and coastal habitats. Osprey bird has a global distribution, with northern breeders migrating south in winter, and some populations have adapted to marine habitats. It often nests in a large tree such as a pine, although in some parts of the world it breeds commonly on a cliff or on the ground.

Song / call of Osprey Bird

Osprey Bird 2

Osprey bird calls are typically restricted to the breeding season and usually within the nest territory, where it can be quite vocal. A variety of whistles and yelping calls is given, these typically getting faster and sharper if the bird is excited. The osprey bird (male's) flight display in spring is an undulating "sky-dance" with legs dangling, calling with a repeated shrill drawn-out "pyeep-pyeep". Other calls include a peeping "piou-piou-piou-piou" or "eeh-eeh-eeh" whistle, given as an alarm, speeding up if the bird becomes more agitated, also "peop-peop-peowp-pewp" and a high, short and descending "siewl siewl siew!". It also has a sharp "kyep" contact call.