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Coot Bird

Identification of Coot Bird

Coot Bird 1 Length: 36-42cm Wingspan: 70-80cm Call: "kuhk!"

Coot Bird is a rather buoyant, fat-looking bird, completely uniform charcoal-black with an obvious white bill and frontal shield on the forehead. In flight it shows grey flight feathers with a white trailing edge to the secondaries. The eye of Coot Bird is red and the feet greyish-pink. Often in large groups on lakes, diving or upending, but will also graze on grassy margins. It flies well, with its curious flat-lobed feet trailing behind, but take-off is rather messy with lots of splashing and pattering on the surface before lift-off is achieved.

Habitat of Coot Bird

Coot Bird is very common and widespread over much of American region, Coot can be found on a variety of freshwater habitats, preferring rather shallow water where they can feed on submerged or emergent vegetation. They avoid water bodies with confined spaces, requiring a reasonable amount of open water, and outside the breeding season can congregate in large numbers on larger lakes and reservoirs.

Song / Call of Coot Bird

Coot Bird 2

The most commonly heard call of Coot Bird, and the one that it supposedly takes its name from, is a short sharp "kuhk!" or "geowhl", quite loud and often repeated, variable in tone and volume and given more conversationally as "egh-ekh-egh-ekh". Another similar call is a harder sequence of pairs of sharp notes, "uk-owk uk-owk uk-owk", plus it gives a very short, high-pitched explosive "ihh!" or "pip!", given in aggression or intimidation towards fellow Coots. Coot Bird often makes quite a lot of noise by splashing about, and also gives a strangled "gheeo" when flying around its territory on spring nights. Juveniles and small chicks can often be heard calling, with a weak and plaintive "whee-ip".