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Firecrest Bird

Identification of Firecrest Bird

Firecrest Bird 1 Length: 9-10cm Wingspan: 13-16cm Call: "zzi-ziii'zizizi"

Firecrest Bird is a similar size to the Goldcrest, but a shade more robust. Firecrest Bird is greener on the upperparts, with a bold head pattern of a black-bordered yellow-orange crownstripe (brightest in the male), a broad white supercilium, a blackish line through the eye and a small whitish patch below the eye on a grey cheek. It has an orange bronze collar patch on the side of the neck, and the wing is similarly patterned to the Goldcrest.

Habitat of Firecrest bird

Firecrest bird is an uncommon but regular visitor to Britain, with a small localized breeding population in the south and south-east of England. Breeds across Europe in mixed and deciduous woodland, also in parks, gardens and small wooded patches, usually with good undergrowth. It is less tied to conifers than Goldcrest, although birds breeding in Britain tend to be in spruce or similar species.

Song / Call of Firecrest bird

The song of Firecrest Bird is sung by the male, and is a rapid repetition of a single high-pitched note, accelerating and rising in pitch, and becoming louder towards the end of the phrase, which is roughly 2 seconds in length, as in "sssi-zsi-zsi-zsi-zsi'zs'zs'zs'zs'zs'zs'zssi". The song phrase begins with some very thin and high notes, the final one sounding slightly longer. It lacks the cyclical rhythm and terminal flourish present in the song of the Goldcrest, and sounds fuller and less thin, even though it is of a similar frequency. The call note is a rising "zzi-ziii'zizizi", with a quieter introductory note, a short pause, then 3-4 notes led by a slightly longer first note, with a fuller and coarser quality than that of the Goldcrest. It also gives a more peeping series of notes, which are more spaced out and typically repeated up to 12 times, such as "pzeep! zeep! zeep! zeep! zeep!".