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Jackdaw Bird

Identification of Jackdaw Bird

Jackdaw Bird 1 Length: 30-34cm Wingspan: 67-74cm Call: "tjakk!"

Jackdaw Bird is a gregarious and small blackish corvid, with a rather short and slender bill. At range it can appear all dark, but with a reasonable view it shows a pale eye and a grey nape and sides to the head, which contrast with the charcoal-grey upperparts and black face, crown and throat. The underparts of Jackdaw Bird are dark grey, as is the remainder of the plumage. The eastern race soemmerringii shows a silver collar at the lower edge of the neck side. A very sociable bird, it is frequently seen in tight flocks in farmland, where it often mixes with Rooks, or in couples, being attentive to each other and strengthening their lifelong pair bond.

Habitat of Jackdaw Bird

Jackdaw Bird is resident throughout our region, although northern birds can wander southwards. Often found close to humans, using chimneys and other cavities in buildings for nesting, it otherwise occurs in many types of open habitat with scattered trees. Jackdaw Bird often favours deciduous woodland, where old hollow or mature trees with cavities are preferred, such as in old parkland or large gardens, and also occurs in farmland with mature hedgerows and locally in mountainous or cliff habitats and quarries.

Song / Call of Jackdaw Bird

Jackdaw Bird 2

Jackdaw Bird is a vocal bird, so much so that it is named after its commonly heard call, a rather high, bright and pleasing "tjakk", "khakk" or "kyak", often repeated in a series or given in chorus by a flock, when Jackdaw Bird can sound like "k'chak k'chik k'chakk" or an even faster 'yickering' sound when gathering to roost. It gives this or similar calls at varying volumes and intensities, such as the quieter and more conversational 'chakking' given by pairs sitting together or when adults announce their return to the nest. It gives more of a crow-like "caw" in alarm, a harsh drawn-out "jaairrr" or "kyarrrr". It also has a song, a quiet medley of call notes run together.