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Identification of Jaybird

Jaybird Length: 32-35cm Wingspan: 52-58cm Call: "skaaaaaak!"

Jaybird is a fairly large and colourful bird, with a longish tail, rounded bead and short bill. Tbe body, bead and wing coverts are a pinkish-brown, witn a white rump, throat and vent. The tail is black, which contrasts strongly with the rump, and the flight feathers are blackish with a white patch on the secondaries that is visible at rest. On the 'shoulder' or primary coverts and inner greater coverts, it has a distinctive bright blue panel vermiculated with black. The eye is pale, the forecrown is streaked black and it has an oblong black moustachial patch.

Habitat of Jaybird

Jaybird is Common throughout our region and favouring both deciduous and coniferous forests, with a special affinity for oak. It can also be found in parks, large gardens, hedgerows and scattered smaller wooded areas. It is mostly resident, but northern birds often move south, and in autumn birds can be seen more widely. They collect and store acorns as winter food caches, and in autumn can often be seen in flight transporting acorns to their hiding places.

Song / Call of Jaybird

Jaybird is commonly heard vocalization is the harsh and raucous call, a rather hoarse upward-inflected "skaaaaaak!" or "schaaaaach", often repeated twice or more. It is used as an alarm or warning, such as when mobbing an owl, or as an advertising call. Jaybird has a range of other calls, less frequently heard, such as an almost perfect copy of the Buzzard's call, such as "pee'yah", as well as some conversational and rather gruff "eerhhh" calls, a soft rising "eerrrrr'eh", and other softer mewing notes. It also has a song, often only audible at close range and which is a fairly sweet subdued warbling and twittering, like a sub-song and often including mimicry. It is usually sung by the male in late winter and early spring.