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Bullfinch Finch Bird

Identification of Bullfinch Bird

Bullfinch Bird 1 Length: 15.5-17.5cm Wingspan: 22-29cm Call: "peuw"

Bullfinch Bird is an attractive bird with a plump and rounded body, a large head and a short, thick black bill. Bullfinch Bird has a black cap that extends on to the face and around the bill, and the upperparts are grey (tinged browner in the female), with a black tail contrasting with a white rump and black wings with a broad whitish wingbar on the tips of the greater coverts. The male has soft pinky-red underparts from cheek to belly, which on the female are greyish-buff. The nominate race or Northern Bullfinch, which occasionally occurs within Britain as a winter visitor, is larger and the underparts of the male are a paler rosy-pink.

Habitat of Bullfinch Bird

Bullfinch Bird is a secretive bird that favours deciduous and mixed woodland with dense undergrowth, as well as coniferous forest in the north of its range. Bullfinch Bird can be found in woodland edge, clearings, tall scrub, hedgerows, parks, large gardens, churchyards and seasonally in orchards. Although resident in Britain, it has undergone a sharp decline in recent decades.

Song / Call of Bullfinch Bird

Bullfinch Bird 2

The commonly heard call of Bullfinch Bird is a piping single note, used as a contact call and often the first indication of the presence of this species. It is a pleasant soft "peuw" or "heouw", slightly descending at the end, and is quite far-carrying and repeated at regular intervals. The Northern Bullfinch has a different 'trumpeting' call, a higher-pitched and even-toned "heeh" or "pihh", as well as a quiet "tip" note. The song, usually given by the male, is rarely heard, no doubt partly due to its being rather quiet and often audible only from close range. It is a rambling twittering without clear phrases, including typical call notes and some very nasal and deep double notes similar to the call, as well as long purring wheezes and higher-pitched long piping notes, such as "hong-hong tu'tu'tu'didi'peew heeuuuw pwrrrrrrr heeeeee hong-hong tu'di'tu'di'tuu hwrrrrrr...".