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Chaffinch Bird

Identification of Chaffinch Bird

Chaffinch Bird 1 Length: 14-16cm Wingspan: 24.5-28.5cm Call: "pink pink"

Chaffinch Bird is a compact, rather long-tailed and sparrow-sized bird. The male in summer is ruddy-pink from the throat and cheeks to the belly, with a blue-grey crown, nape and shoulder, a brown back and black wings boldly marked with double white wingbars. In all plumages the species shows white or pale wingbars, white sides to the tail and a grey-green rump. In winter the colours of the male are subdued and duller, and the female is much more of a monochrome sepia overall, with dull buffish-white underparts, a pale head and face, with a darker grey-brown crown and nape.

Habitat of Chaffinch Bird

Chaffinch Bird is widespread across the region and one of the commonest British birds, resident but with numbers augmented in winter by migrants from northern Europe. It can be found in a variety of wooded habitats, both coniferous and deciduous, plus parks, orchards, gardens, and farmland with hedgerows. In winter it disperses into arable fields and open areas adjacent to woodland.

Song / Call of Chaffinch Bird

Chaffinch Bird 2

Chaffinch Bird is a familiar sound of spring, the song is a loud, vigorous and slightly accelerating series of sweet but hard notes, descending in four tonal steps and ending in a trisyllabic flourish; in some areas a high 'kik' is added at the end. Chaffinch Bird can sound almost rattle-like, and is usually unvarying in delivery, as in "chich-ich-ich-ich-ich-ich churr'rr'rr'rr'rr'rr' cho'cho'cho'cho'cho chippit' churri'weeoo". It typically lasts 2.5-3 seconds, but variations are not uncommon and it may sing with varying and out-of-sequence pitches. It has a wide repertoire of calls, a familiar one being a sharp repeated "pink" or "fink", as well as a rather soft "hyupp" given in flight, an upward-inflected clear "hweet", and a short buzzing even-toned "hwwrrr" or "zhwrrr" note, reminiscent of the Brambling's song.