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Common Rosefinch Finch Bird

Identification of Common Rosefinch Bird

Common Rosefinch Bird 1 Length: 13.5-15cm Wingspan: 24-26.5cm Call: "chuu'ih"

Common Rosefinch Bird is often unobtrusive except when singing, this is a thick-headed, swollen-billed bird with a longish cleft tail. The Common Rosefinch Bird(male) is strongly coloured, with red on the head, throat and breast, as well as on the rump. The belly is white with a fainter red wash on the flanks, and the mantle and wings are brown with pink-tinged wingbars. The females are demure and nondescript, grey-brown all over and paler on the underparts, which are streaked. The black eye is beady, the mantle is streaked and the wings show pale wingbars formed by pale tips to the wing coverts. Juveniles are similar but somewhat more olive-toned, with bolder wingbars.

Habitat of Common Rosefinch Bird

Common Rosefinch Bird is a scarce but annual visitor to Britain, most frequent in autumn (such as on the Isles of Scilly) and in years of spring influxes it may stay to breed in very small numbers. It is a summer visitor to Scandinavia and eastern Europe, wintering in southern Asia. It favours deciduous or mixed woodland clearings, forest edge, bushy thickets, damp meadows, willow scrub along watercourses and large parks.

Song / Call of Common Rosefinch Bird

Common Rosefinch Bird 2

The call of Common Rosefinch Bird is a very 'finchy' and upward-inflected "chuu'ih" or "shwe'eek", reminiscent of one of the calls of the Greenfinch and given at rest or in flight. It also can make a slightly falling "vee-oh" or more urgent-sounding "du'eei", given in anxiety. The song is a simple and pleasant cheery whistle of three to six syllables, sometimes described as 'pleased to meet you!' and frequently heard on the breeding grounds. It rises and falls in pitch and lasts about a second in length, such as "ii'vhid ii'veiow", "seee to'whee'chew" or "chewee'wee'chu", commonly with individual or regional variations. When in courtship excitement the male may add some energetic twittering notes between phrases.