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Goldfinch Bird

Identification of Goldfinch Bird

Goldfinch Bird 1 Length: 12-13.5 cm Wingspan: 21-25.5cm Call: "twiddit'widdit"

Goldfinch Bird is one of our most attractive birds, with both sexes similar. The head is white with a large red patch from the forehead around the face to the chin, and with a black crown and nape that curls downwards and forwards to the shoulder. The wings are black, with a broad golden-yellow stripe across the flight feathers and greater coverts, and large white spots on the tips of the flight feathers, which are visible at rest. The underparts are white with buffy-brown flanks and an incomplete breast band. The mantle is brown, the rump is white, and the tail is black with white spots.

Habitat of Goldfinch Bird

Goldfinch Bird is resident across most of Britain and continental Europe, with more easterly and northern populations moving south in winter. It favours deciduous and mixed woodland edge, farmland hedgerows, orchards, parks, gardens and overgrown waste ground, frequently close to human habitation. Outside the breeding season it relies on a supply of seeds from weedy fields and grassy areas, where it can often be seen feeding in flocks, and it will also gather food in pines and alders.

Song / Call of Goldfinch Bird

Goldfinch Bird is a vocal bird with a variety of calls. The typical contact call is a cheery and variable "twiddit'widdit", also given in single "twtt" components or extended into "di'wit'iwit'iwidli'wit", when it sounds more like a segment of song. It also gives a slightly mewing and nasal "tch'weeoo", "theoo'wt" and "diu'lii", and a harsh buzzing "jhr'r'r'r'r'r" or "jjh'jjh'jjh'jit". The song, given either from a perch or in flight, is a bright, fast, tinkling, rattling and trilling affair with a bell-like quality, such as "twiddli'widdli'twidi'trrrwiddit-ti'r'r'r'r'r'r'r' r-jjeeoow" .sometimes given in a continuous sequence or in well-marked phrases of 2-3 seconds interspersed with pauses. Although quite complex and often variable, it is usually recognizable by the inclusion of call notes.