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Greenfinch Bird

Identification of Greenfinch Bird

Greenfinch Bird 1 Length: 14-16cm Wingspan: 24.5-27.5cm Call: "ju'wee"

Greenfinch Bird is a big-headed, plump and compact finch, readily recognized by the bright yellow wing panel formed by the yellow edges to the primaries, and with a deep, thick whitish or pale pink bill. Greenfinch Bird also has blocks of yellow on the sides of the basal half of the tail. The male is light green all over, yellower on the breast and greyer on the upperparts, with a grey panel on the wing and grey head sides. The female is duller, brownish-green, faintly streaked on the mantle.

Habitat of Greenfinch Bird

Greenfinch Bird is a common resident in our region, with some immigration in winter by northern birds. A bird of the woodland edge, Greenfinch Bird favours taller trees in clearings, scrub, hedgerows and parks, and is a familiar visitor to gardens, it can also be found on arable fields and other open habitats, often feeding on the ground.

Song / Call of Greenfinch Bird

Greenfinch Bird 2

Greenfinch Bird is a vocal bird with a range of bright and bouncy calls. Typically heard are monosyllabic 'chips' and nasal sounds, such as an upward-inflected "ju'wee", or higher-pitched "chwai'ii" or "pwai'ii" notes, which may act as alarm or anxiety calls. It also gives a single or repeated "chud", "jup" or "ju'jup", often in flight, and which can be extended into a slow trilling "chid'id'id'id'id'id'id" or "jup'up'up'up'up", as well as a faster, more silvery trilling "tchrr'r' r r'r'r'r'r'r". It has two song types; the first is a frequently heard, very nasal, drawn-out and downward-inflected "djeeeeeuuuooo", lasting 1-1.6 seconds, with regular longer pauses between. A flatter or slightly upward-inflected version of this is also given, as in "jweeeiiie". The more complex song incorporates many of these calls, including the "djeeuuuoo" sound, and alternates between Canary-like trills and other more slowly delivered notes, such as "djuw djuw djuw, jup jup jup, chi'di'di'di'di'dit, ju'wee, chud'chd'chd, chid'id'id'id'id'id'id, ju'wee, djui djui djui djui, tilng tilng tilng tilng, tiisssrrrrrr, djeeeeeuuuooo...", etc. It is often given in a bat-like display flight.