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Lesser Redpoll Bird

Identification of Lesser Redpoll Bird

Lesser Redpoll Bird Length: 11.5-14cm Wingspan: 20-22.5cm Call: "che'che'che'che"

Lesser Redpoll Bird is a small, rather dark little finch, with a short, stubby yellowish bill. It has a small red patch on the forehead, and black on the lores and chin. The upperparts are brown, streaked dark brown on the crown, nape and mantle. The underparts of Lesser Redpoll Bird are buffish, whiter on the belly, with brown streaks on the shoulder and down the flanks, plus dark streaks on the white under-tail coverts. The male has a variable amount of pinky-red on the throat, breast and rump, brightest in spring, when the female can also show a rosy hue on the breast. The wing is dark, with a buffy wingbar formed by paler tips to the greater coverts, and uniform in general colour with the remainder of the bird. The similar Mealy Redpoll Carduelis flammea is paler and greyer, lacking the buffy tones, and has a white wingbar.

Habitat of Lesser Redpoll Bird

Lesser Redpoll Bird is a resident in Britain, southern Scandinavia and central Europe, which disperses and gathers in flocks in winter. Lesser Redpoll Bird can be found in mixed and coniferous woodlands, with a special preference for the latter, as well as in birch, alder, willow, scrubby areas and hedgerows. In winter it can often been found feeding in alders and birches along watercourses. The Mealy Redpoll is a winter visitor to Britain in small numbers from Scandinavia.

Song / Call of Lesser Redpoll Bird

The typical call, often heard in flight, of Lesser Redpoll Bird is a dry, rattling "che'che'che'che". Lesser Redpoll Bird also gives a higher and sweeter, more slowly repeated "chie'chie'chie". It also has atypical Carduelis call, a nasal rising "chwaiii" or "djuu'wi", and a longer, rolling buzzing note "dzhiiiiiirrrrrr", given either singly or included in the more developed song. The song, delivered in roving flights as well as from a perch, is a rather unhurried, staccato and unmusical collection of call notes, as in "chi'chi' chi tzrrrrrrrrr chi'chi' dweeeeiiii tway'tway'tway' dweeeiii che' che' che dzhiiiirrche' che' che' di' di' di tway' tway' tway' dzhiiirrr che' che' che'...", etc.