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Serin Bird

Identification of Siren Bird

Serin Bird 1 Length: 11-12cm Wingspan: 20-23cm Call: "tzr'r'r'r'r'r'l"

Serin Bird is a small and compact finch, with a large head and tiny stubby bill. Often seen in flight, when it shows its yellow rump and dark cleft tail; it also has double yellowish wingbars. The Serin Bird (male) is bright lemon-yellow on the throat, breast, neck, eyebrow and forehead, with a white belly and heavily dark-streaked flanks. The crown, cheek and dark-streaked mantle are green. The female is duller green, washed yellow-green on the breast and head, and overall appears less bright or contrasting.

Habitat of Serin Bird

Serin Bird is a rare but regular overshooting visitor to Britain, particularly on the south coast. Serin Bird breeds commonly across Europe and is resident in Iberia and in western Europe. It favours sunny woodland edge, clearings, and scattered clumps of trees, and occurs commonly in orchards, cemeteries, parks and gardens, particularly where there are conifers (in which it prefers to nest).

Song / Call of Serin Bird

Serin Bird gives a short silvery, slightly descending rippling trill, such as "tzr'r'r'r'r'r'l", used as a contact call and frequently given by flying birds, plus a high, Dunnock-like "szif", repeated several times, and also a hard and rising forced "tuu'tweet", or a level "thweet" or "tsooeet". given in anxiety. The song is a high-pitched (7kHz), slightly undulating and continual jingling twitter, interspersed with the slower trilling call and delivered at an incredibly fast rate. It has the quality of glass fragments being ground together, with individual notes barely discernible and laid over a background of high electronic-like 'mush'. Notable for being sung throughout the year, the song is often delivered in a Greenfinchlike song-flight of slow flapping on stiff wings.