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Siskin Bird

Identification of Siskin Bird

Siskin Bird 1 Length: 11-12.5cm Wingspan: 20-23cm Call: "b'diow"

Siskin Bird is a small and rather delicate finch, with a rather pointed bill and at all ages showing yellow bases to the outer tail feathers. The Siskin Bird (male) has a black crown, lores and chin, with a lemony greenish-yellow face, eyebrows, breast and rump. The mantle is green with narrow black streaks and the wings are black with boldly contrasting yellow wingbars on the greater coverts and shoulder. The belly is white, with black streaking on the flanks. Females are duller green, lacking the stronger yellow tones, and are dull green on the head, greenish-white on the rump and white below with finely streaked flanks. Juveniles are paler and very streaky.

Habitat of Siskin Bird

Siskin Bird is a resident over much of central and eastern Europe and southern Scandinavia, and which in Britain is most concentrated in the north and west, occurring more locally elsewhere. Numbers are boosted in winter by immigrants from the north and east, and it can often be found in large flocks at this time, frequently mixed with Goldfinches and Lesser Redpolls. In winter, Siskin Bird is commonly found in birch and alder along watercourses, as well as in parks and gardens, where it will come to feeders. In the breeding season it favours mixed and coniferous forest, with a special preference for spruce.

Song / Call of Siskin Bird

Typical call notes of Siskin Bird heard from flying birds include a downward-inflected and disyllabic "b'diow" and an upward-inflected "dju'lii", "b'deee" or "diu'lee", both given equally often. It also utters a simple "tchiou", and commonly gives a chittering dry trill "cht't't't't't't", given conversationally when feeding with other birds or flying together. The song is a rapid undulating collection of trilling, twittering and repeated call notes, sometimes including a strangled and drawn-out high nasal wheeze "jhwrrrrrr" near the end of the sequence, such as "dwee'dwee'dwee chich'ich'ich'ich, tsirri tsirri pi'tiou pi'tiou pi'tiou cht't't't't't't ch'wee ch'wee jhwrrrrrr djiew djiew..." etc.