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Collard Flycatcher Bird

Identification of Collared Flycatcher Bird

Collared Flycatcher Bird 1 Length: 12-13.5cm Wingspan: 22.5-24.5cm Call: "eee'p"

Collared Flycatcher Bird is very similar to the Pied Flycatcher, but the male has a very obvious broad white collar isolating the black cap. The forehead has a bold white patch and the wings show more white than the Pied, with a large white patch on the base of the primaries. Collared Flycatcher Bird also has a white patch on the rump and an all black tail. The females require care to separate them from Pied, but show a larger white patch on the primary bases and greyer, paler upperparts with a hint of a white rump patch.

Habitat of Collared Flycatcher Bird live

Collared Flycatcher Bird is very rare visitor to Britain from further east, where it is a summer visitor to central and eastern Europe and Russia. It is a woodland bird, favouring deciduous forest and particularly oak, and often staying high in the crown of the tree. It can also be found in mixed woodland, parks, orchards and large gardens, with open areas such as clearings and glades.

Song / Call of Collared Flycatcher Bird

Collared Flycatcher Bird 2

The commonly uttered call of Collared Flycatcher Bird is quite unlike that of the Pied Flycatcher, a high, slightly descending "szeer" or "eee'p", used both as an alarm and an advertising note. It also gives a quieter "tec" note and a soft "tsrr". The song is a simple and tuneful sequence of high-pitched, clearly defined notes. Delivered languidly and in a drawling fashion, with some notes sounding strained or harsh, it is frequently introduced by the thin high call note, which can be repeated during the phrase along with quieter "tec" notes, such as "srriii - sii -srrriii, szzi-szoo-sziii sooo", "siiii... zzii szeerr'iir tx szeer ii'cheo'ii'zrrrr hiiii" or "szeeer, zii'szeeer' szi'szeer'szii". Often given in a rather short sequence of 6-8 notes lasting 2-3 seconds, it can however feature longer and more excited sequences of up to six seconds that include melodious sequences reminiscent of the Robin's song.