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Pied Flycatcher

Identification of Pied Flycatcher Bird

Pied Flycatcher Bird 1 Length: 12-13.5cm Wingspan: 21.5-24cm Call: "bidt!"

The Pied Flycatcher Bird (male) in spring is back and white with a black back and head and black tail with white on the basal half of the outer feathers; the wings can appear duller and less black, but there is a large white patch on the base of the secondaries and half of the tertials. The underparts of Pied Flycatcher Bird are white, and there is a small white patch over the bill. Pied Flycatcher Bird (Females) and immatures are tawny grey-brown above, darker on the wings and tail, with a white patch on the tertials and a white band on the tips of the greater coverts.

Habitat of Pied Flycatcher Bird

Pied Flycatcher Bird is a summer visitor, with a marked westerly distribution in Britain, where it is particularly attracted to insect-rich sessile oakwoods in hilly country. Elsewhere in its range it can be found in mixed or deciduous forest with glades and clearings, the availability of nest holes being an important factor. It is also found in avenues, orchards, parks, and sometimes in large gardens. Adapts well where nest boxes are provided. It can also be found more widely on passage.

Song / Call of Pied Flycatcher Bird

Pied Flycatcher Bird 2

The calls of Pied Flycatcher Bird are an insistent "bidt!", frequently repeated, a loud, penetrating, Chaffinch-like "whit" and a short "ttuc", which is sometimes given together with the previous call to make "whit-ttuc". In alarm it will give a Chiffchaff-like "wheet".The advertising song of the male is a simple but confident phrase of 7-12 notes, typically lasting 1.5-3 seconds, such as "tsi'chu tsi'chu tsi'chu tsi'tsi'tsi'che", the repeated introductory notes always constant, the later ones variable from one song phrase to the next, and often delivered in a little flourish. Reminiscent of the Redstart's song, it is slower and more evenly paced.