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Red-breasted Flycatcher Bird

Identification of Red-Breasted Flycatcher Bird

Red Breasted Flycatcher Bird 1 Length: 11-12cm Wingspan: 18.5-21 cm Call: "trr'r'r'r'rt!"

Red-breasted Flycatcher Bird is a small flycatcher with a long tail which is frequently flicked upwards, revealing extensive wheatear-like white tail-sides that are obvious in flight. The remainder of the tail and the upper-tail coverts are jet black. The mantle, nape and wings are brown, and the underparts are buffish-white. The male has a grey head and an orange-red throat and upper breast, although the extent is variable with age. Females and immatures are more buffy on the throat and breast, and the head is uniform with the brown back.

Habitat of Red-Breasted Flycatcher Bird

Red-breasted Flycatcher Bird is a scarce but annual visitor to Britain, mainly in autumn along eastern coasts. Red-breasted Flycatcher Bird is a summer visitor to eastern Europe from its winter quarters in southern Asia, and in the breeding season favours deciduous woodland, preferably mature and lush with streams or standing water and thick undergrowth; it also occurs in mixed forest, orchards and, in the north of its range, spruce forest. Migrants can be found in coastal scrub and trees.

Song / Call of Red-Breasted Flycatcher Bird

Red Breasted Flycatcher Bird 2

The song of Red-breasted Flycatcher Bird is a delightful sequence of simple, repeated liquid notes, delivered confidently and sweetly. A repeated introductory note is followed by a repeated couplet of notes, see-sawing in pitch, the lower note repeated singly at the end. The end notes vary, sometimes being delivered on a level tone or, at other times, descending, such as "tsii'tsii'tsii'tsii tsee-tsoo tsee-tsoo tsee-tsoo soo'soo'soo'soo". Red-breasted Flycatcher Bird often precedes the song phrase with some very high-pitched and quiet "tsi" notes. The song phrase lasts for 2.5-3.5 seconds, and occasionally up to 5 seconds if makes more repetitions. The commonly heard call from migrants is a buzzing rattle, similar to the Wren's call, a five- or six-note "trr'r'r'r'rt", which can be mimicked by sucking on the corner of one's mouth. On the breeding grounds it gives other calls, such as a disyllabic plaintive "wee'lu", a dry clicking "teck" and a sharp little "zit".