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Spotted Flycatcher Bird

Identification of Spotted Flycatcher Bird

Spotted Flycatcher Bird 1 Length: 13.5-15cm Wingspan: 23-25.5cm Call: "zee'thk"

Spotted Flycatcher Bird is a medium-small, long-winged bird with a rounded head, lacking any obvious plumage features. Spotted Flycatcher Bird is grey-brown on the head and upperparts, faintly streaked and spotted darker on the forecrown, the face is plain with a beady black eye and a thin, broad-based black bill. The underparts are whitish, with indistinct mottled streaking on the throat sides and breast. It perches upright on short black legs, making quick sallies after insects from an exposed perch, often returning to the same branch.

Habitat of Spotted Flycatcher Bird Live

Spotted Flycatcher Bird is a summer visitor, widespread in Britain but declining, with nest predation by Grey Squirrels possibly a contributing factor. It is a bird of the forest edge, favouring tall deciduous trees that offer flycatching perches and open surrounding airspace such as clearings and glades. It can be found often in man-made habitats such as parks, large gardens, avenues of tall trees, orchards and churchyards. Also sometimes found in pine and larch.

Song / Call of Spotted Flycatcher Bird

The song of Spotted Flycatcher Bird is a very simple, primitive and quiet series of single high-pitched squeaks and strangled sounds, delivered at a rate of one note per 0.7-1.5 seconds with regular pauses in between, suchas"u'ii...tzii...tzi'i... pzzt... pzzt... tzhrr... tzhrr... tz'i... u'ii... u'ii... tzu... tzu... u'ii... u'ii..." etc. There is no formation of phrases as with other flycatchers. The call is also rather unobtrusive, a short shrill "zee", not unlike the calls of the Robin or Hawfinch. The alarm call, often given near the nest, is a combination of this call and a couple of hard tacking notes, such as "zee'thk" or "zee'thk'thk". It also makes some loud bill-snapping sounds, often rapid and sounding rattle-like.