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Starling Bird

Identification of Starling Bird

Starling Bird 1 Length: 19-22cm Wingspan: 37-42cm Call: "tchaaeerr"

Starling Bird is a stocky black bird, with a metallic green and violet sheen to the plumage, a short tail and pointed triangular wings. In winter, Starling Bird is profusely spotted with buffish-white spots and has a dark bill. In summer it loses most of this spotting and appears wholly glossy black. The bill also turns yellow, with a blue-grey base on the male and a yellowish-white base on the female. Juveniles are grey-brown with a pale throat, and gradually acquire white-spotted black feathers during their first winter.

Habitat of Starling Bird

Starling Bird is a resident in western Europe, with large influxes in winter of birds from further north and east. Starling Bird is common and found in many habitats, particularly in urban areas, occurring in woodland, farmland, parks and gardens as well as in almost any open country, including along seashores and on saltmarshes. Althouc requiring holes for nesting, outside the breedi season it disperses widely and can sometime form massive flocks, particularly at roost sites.

Song / Call of Starling Bird

Starling Bird 2

Starling Bird is very vocal, with a rich repertoire of song and mimicry. Commonly heard calls include a rasping descending "tchaaeerr", often given when taking flight. Other calls include a sharp and repeated "kyik" or "kyett", given in alarm when an aerial predator is about, and often a good indication of a Sparrowhawk in the area. The song of Starling Bird is a rambling continuous collection of rather strangled and subdued sounds, throaty warblings and musical whistles, many of them high pitched, including much mimicry and unusual noises such as a rising "schweee'errrr", and a descending "wheeeeeooooooo" 'bomb-drop' whistle, plus clicking, gurgling and croaking noises, and scrunching sounds like a handful of ball-bearings being rubbed together. It is famous for mimicking mechanical sounds such as telephones and car alarms!