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Wren Bird

Identification of Wren Bird

Wren Bird 1 Length: 9-10cm Wingspan: 13-17cm Call: "tchek"

Wren Bird is a tiny brown bird, with the distinctive habit of cocking its tail up and over its back. Often found skulking in dense undergrowth, restlessly foraging close to the ground or flying between cover like a brown bee. The upperparts and head of Wren Bird are a warm reddish-brown and the short wings are finely vermiculated and barred. The underparts are paler and mottled on the flanks, and it has a slender bill and a long pale creamy supercilium.

Habitat of Wren Bird

Wren Bird is a widespread and common bird throughout our region, particularly in woodland with dense undergrowth, as well as in scrub, hedges, gardens, parks, moorland where bracken-filled gullies offer shelter, sea cliffs and other rocky places with crevices. Occurs up to the tree line in some parts of its range. Resident in Britain, but birds in northern Europe move south in winter.

Song / Call of Wren Bird

Wren Bird is very vocal, typical call notes are a hard "tchek" or "chudt", often extended into "tchek'eck'eck". Wren Bird also gives a low rattling churr. When anxious, near the nest or young or in response to danger such as a cat, it gives a higher-pitched hard rattle not unlike someone sucking on the corner of their mouth to produce a rasping sound, such as "tr'tr'tr'tr'tr'tr'tr". The song is remarkably loud and shrill for such a tiny bird, and is a very rapid series of well-structured piercing notes, usually including or ending with a loud trill. It usually lasts for 4-7 seconds, during which time it produces about 6-8 notes per second, such as "see' se' seo w' see' seee' ch' ch' ch' ch' ch' see' suwi 'suwi' see' su' e e' trrrrrrrrrr chu' chu' see!".