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Collared Dove Bird

Identification of Collared Dove Bird

Collared Dove Bird 1 Length: 31-33cm Wingspan: 47-55cm Call: "Ooh'OOO-oo"

Collared dove bird is a medium-sized pigeon, much more slender and elegant than the Woodpigeon, and weighing just 40 per cent of the most well fed of that species. Overall it is a pallid greyish-buff mushroom colour, with a browner cast to the back and wings. Collared dove bird has an obvious black half-collar, a beady eye, grey flight feathers and a pale blue-grey panel on the greater coverts. The tail is quite long with a broad white terminal band on all but the central feathers.

Habitat of Collared Dove Bird

In western Europe and, indeed, throughout much of its wider range, collared dove bird is a common bird of suburban areas, found in gardens, parks, churchyards and orchards. Collared dove bird also occurs around farmyards, particularly where there is spilt grain, and wherever there are a few dense trees together with numerous perches such as telephone poles and wires. During the last century it underwent a remarkable expansion of its range in Europe, where the population spread north-westwards from the Balkans after the 1930s, first colonizing Britain in 1955. In the core of its range in India it is a bird of drier habitats, found even in semi-desert.

Song / call of Collared Dove Bird

Collared Dove Bird 2

Although very vocal, and singing throughout much of the year, its range is limited. The commonly heard advertising call is a trisyllabic hollow cooing, with the first syllable being a little higher in pitch and somewhat more emphatic; the second syllable also emphatic and the longest of the three notes in duration; the third syllable shorter and rather 'swallowed', such as "Ooh'OOO-oo Ooh'OOO-oo Ooh'OOO-oo...". Collared dove bird has one other commonly heard call given in excitement, in flight and upon alighting - a rather thin nasal "eerrrrr" or "rrrrrehh". It also produces noisy wing flaps when flushed.