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Stock Dove Bird

Identification of Stock Dove Bird

Stock Dove Bird 1 Length: 32-34cm Wingspan: 63-69cm Call: "ooo-wuhh"

Stock dove bird is superficially similar to Rock Dove or a small Woodpigeon, it is dumpy, compact and shorter-tailed. The plumage overall is a uniform grey-blue, darker and bluer than similar species, with no white rump or wingbar but with a black trailing edge and leading edge to the primaries, which give a black frame to the bluish wings. Stock dove bird has a broad black tail band, a vinaceous wash to the breast and a metallic flash on its neck of shimmering green and lilac.

Habitat of Stock Dove Bird

Stock dove bird is a rather shy and discreet bird, favouring open deciduous woodland and forest edge, large parklands and mature hedgerows, occupying the narrow interface between woodland and open country - it is most frequently seen around arable land. Stock dove bird is dependent on finding suitable nest holes and hollows in large old trees such as oaks, but also requires access to feeding areas in fields rich in weeds and seed crops, open bare ground where it can feed and with drinking water nearby. It will nest locally in rock crevices or in buildings when suitable trees are absent.

Song / call of Stock Dove Bird

The most frequently heard call of Stock dove bird is the advertising call, a deep two-note sound "ooo-wuhh, ooo-wuhh, ooo-wuhh...", the first syllable longer and higher pitched, the second lower and sounding as though the note is being swallowed, repeated eight or nine times in a series. This is often heard in spring coming from large woodland trees, but can be easily overlooked. Another similar call is given by the male in display to the female, a more drawn-out and low-pitched "uuh'whurrr uuh'whurrr". In his display flight the male flies horizontally with slow, deep wingbeats, clapping the wingtips over his back, followed by a glide.