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Wood Pigeon Bird

Identification of Wood Pigeon Bird

Wood Pigeon Bird 1 Length: 40-42cm Wingspan: 75-80cm Call: "wu-WHOOR-ooh, wor-hoo"

Wood pigeon bird is the largest of our pigeons, a very plump and heavy bird with a small head and medium-long tail. Wood pigeon bird is light blue-grey all over, with a prominent white patch on the side of the neck and a prominent white transverse bar on the upperwing. The outer halves of the wings are black, and it has a greyish-white sub-terminal tail band, and a broad black terminal tail band. The deep chest is washed purplish-pink.

Habitat of Wood Pigeon Bird

Wood pigeon bird is very common and even abundant in many places, found in parks, gardens and urban areas, forests, small scattered or fragmented woodlands, and particularly in agricultural areas and fields, where they often feed in large flocks. British birds are resident, but many immigrants arrive for the winter from northern and eastern parts of Europe, and can be seen in large numbers at migration watchpoints.

Song / call of Wood Pigeon Bird

Wood Pigeon Bird 2

The commonly heard song or advertising call, given from early spring through to autumn, is a deep (between 450 and 500Hz) five-syllable "wooh-oooo, wor-ooh, woh-WHOOR-ooh, wor-hoo, woh-WHOOR-ooh, wor-hoo, wu-WHOOR-ooh, wor-hoo", repeated three to five times and often finished with a short upward inflected "whu!". Another call is given by the wood pigeon bird (male) in a bowing display towards the wood pigeon bird (female), a low, growling "whu'- oorr" repeated at intervals. His display flight consists of a short steep climb, at the apex of which he delivers several loud wing claps, before gliding back down. When disturbed, birds will make a lot of wing clapping and clattering noises on take off, which functions as an alarm call.