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Rock Pipit Bird

Identification of Rock Pipit Bird

Rock Pipit  Bird 1 Length: 16-17cm Wingspan: 23-28cm Call: "wheesp"

Rock Pipit Bird is Larger than the Meadow Pipit, which is the most likefy candidate fur contusion. Robust and fairly long-tailed, with an overall dingy appearance that helps it merge with its favoured rocky habitat. The legs are dark, as is the slender bill. The upperparts of Rock Pipit Bird are grey-brown, with darker smudgy lines on the mantle, and the whitish tips to the wing coverts form wingbars. The head lacks a prominent supercilium, and the face is dominated by a narrow white orbital eye-ring and a well-defined blackish malar stripe. The tail is quite long and full, with pale smoky-grey outer tail feathers. The underparts are dingy buff with bold smudgy dark streaks on the breast extending down to the rear flanks.

Habitat of Rock Pipit Bird

Rock Pipit Bird is strongly tied to the coast an rarely found away from it, favouring cliffs, islands, rock gullies and beaches, usually in somewhat sheltered places although not averse to wind and spray. In winter it ranges more freely, onto estuaries, saltmarshes and beaches, with northern European birds spending the winter in western Europe alongside the resident population.

Identification of Rock Pipit Bird

The call of Rock Pipit Bird is a rather explosive, slightly rising "wheesp" or "phisst", with a shriller quality than the Meadow Pipit, and usually given singly. Other calls are a fuller, flatter "chilp", given when slightly anxious, shortening to a "stip" or "tsutt" but also extended into a dry stuttering "trr'r'r'r'rrrt". The song is similar to that of the Meadow, but somewhat more musical and metallic, with a stronger terminal trill, and is also delivered in an ascending song flight with a parachutingdescent to the ground on rigid wings as if sings the final phrases. The song phrase begins by rising and accelerating, then descending in tone near the end, as in "fss'p-fss'p-fss'p'sillp sillp sillp sillp sillp sillp sllp'sllp'slp'slp'slp'slp'sip 'sip - che'che'che'che'chu'chu'chu'chu du du trrrr'r'r'r'r'r".