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Tree Pipit Bird

Identification of Tree Pipit Bird

Tree Pipit Bird 1 Length: 15cm Wingspan: 25-27cm Call: "bzzzt"

Tree Pipit Bird is a subtly different bird to the Meadow Pipit, with a stronger bill, a bolder pale supercilium, a broader and paler submoustachial stripe, and a hint of a dark eyestripe that bisects the orbital eyering. Tree Pipit Bird also shows a small pale spot on the rear of the ear coverts. The streaked mantle is subtly less contrasting, the breast is buff and contrasts with a whiter belly, the breast markings are neat and extend onto the flanks only as very fine and narrow streaks. The legs are brighter pink. The call is the surest way to identify this species, coupled with its habit of perching in trees.

Habitat of Tree Pipit Bird

Tree Pipit Bird is a summer visitor, favouring open woodland, old oak and birchwoods, young conifer plantations, parkland, heaths, commons, scrubby downs, grassland with scattered trees, up to the tree line in mountains but avoiding areas that are too open or too dense. Migrants can be found in a wider range of habitats, typically with trees and scrub, or flying over open country, when they can be identified by their call.

Song / Call of Tree Pipit Bird

The call of Tree Pipit Bird is distinctly different from that of the Meadow, being stronger, louder and audible from further away, a buzzing and slightly descending "bzzzt", "teezz" or "sbihz". The anxiety call, given on the breeding grounds, is a short alert "chitp". The song is long sequence of fluty whistles, louder and sweeter than closely related species and delivered from a treetop or similar perch, or in a parachuting song flight. Tree Pipit Bird comprises four or more segments of calls delivered at different tempos, including clear trills, such as "che'che'che chi'di chi'di chi'di chi'di chi'di chyew chyew chyew chyew chyew ti'ti'ti'ti'ti'ti' trrrrrrrrrrr seeeoo", with many variations, even from the same songster.