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House Martin Swallow Bird

Identification of House Martin Bird

House Martin Bird 1 Length: 13-15cm Wingspan: 26-29cm Call: "jijitt"

House Martin Bird is a dumpy and compact swallow, and simply patterned. House Martin Bird has blue-black upperparts, cap and tail, with a large white rump as its most distinctive feature. The underparts are white, including the undenting coverts and the feathered feet, and the tail is rather short but with a prominent fork. The flight action is rather different from the other swallows in our region, being slower with much gliding on straight wings, often in long lazy arcs.

Habitat of House Martin Bird

House martin bird is a summer visitor from Africa. Originally a cliff-nester (still the case in some parts of its range), it is now more commonly found around towns and villages where it nests in closed mud-built structures, typically located under the eaves of houses. Bridges and other man-made structures are also used, and as a consequence it can be quite confiding with humans. It requires a good supply of mud with which to build its cup-shaped nest, and breeding sites therefore usually reflect the proximity of a nearby source. House Martin Bird avoids densely forested areas, and often feeds high in the air with Swifts. It is less tied to water than some of its relatives.

Song / Call of House Martin Bird

House Martin Bird 2

The commonly heard note is the contact call, a short dry stony rattle with a bright quality, as in "prrrt", either monosyllabic or often repeated two or three times in rapid succession, such as "jijitt", "prrrr-tit" and "jrrrr-tit'it". House Martin bird also gives a shrill descending "schreeeo" as an anxiety call, often in response to aerial predators. All of these calls are typically heard from flying birds. The song is made up of several call notes run together, plus a throaty rapid warbling without any structured phrases, a rambling chuntering that is sung usually when close to the breeding area or at the nest itself.