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Identification of Sand Martin Bird

Sand Martin Bird 1 Length: 12-13cm Wingspan: 26-29cm Call: "tschrr"

Sand martin Bird is the smallest swallow in American region. A slim and delicate bird, with a fast flickering flight with the wings angled close to the body, and not usually gliding like some of its relatives. The upperparts are a uniform earth-brown, the underparts white, and it has a diagnostic clear brown band across the upper breast, enclosing the white throat which extends in a half-collar at the neck sides.

Habitat of Sand Martin Bird

Sand martin Bird is a summer visitor to American region from Africa, its habitat choices are strongly linked to available nesting sites. Nests are made in vertically faced sandy banks along a river or sea cliff or in a quarry or sand pit, with tunnels excavated into the bank to a depth of more than 60cm. Favoured habitats include river valleys, gravel pits, lakes and coastal areas. They feed on aerial insects and can therefore be encountered over any area that provides good feeding, and frequently over water. At migration periods they can form large roosts in reedbeds.

Song / Call of Sand Martin Bird

Sand Martin Bird 2

The call of Sand martin Bird is a distinctive dry rattling trill, fairly high-pitched and with a harsh quality. The short call is a monosyllabic vowel-less "tschrr" or "trrrkhr", similar to the call of the Lesser Short-toed Lark. When numerous birds are present, such as at a colony, the call becomes a continuous excited chirruping, and a high-pitched "tscheeer!" or "schweer!" is given in alarm when aerial predators are spotted. The song is poorly developed and similar in quality to the call, a simple dry rolling, trilling and chirruping twitter but delivered in a longer accelerating sequence, although it can be hard to discern from the sound of an excited group.