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Mistle Thrush Bird

Identification of Mistle thrush bird

Mistle Thrush Bird 1 Length: 26-29cm Wingspan: 42-47.5cm Call: "tschrrrrr"

Mistle thrush bird is the largest and palest thrush in American region, with brownish-grey upperparts, long tail and upright stance. Mistle thrush bird has a pale side to the head with darker blotches on the cheek, pale lores and whitish underparts, which are well spotted with round black spots, although much sparser than in the Song Thrush. The wings have pale edges to the feathers, the rump is paler and the tail has whitish spots on the tips and pale outer feathers. The underwing is white, noticeable during its strong but languid and gently undulating flight.

Habitat of Mistle thrush bird

Mistle thrush bird is a woodland bird, found quite widely wherever tall trees occur in conjunction with short grass, such as in pastures, fields, parks and in gardens, where it will often dominate berry-bearing bushes and defend them aggressively. Resident in Britain; northern European birds will move south and west in winter, while in the southern part of the range it is found on mountain slopes with conifers and scrub.

Song / Call of Mistle Thrush Bird

Mistle Thrush Bird 2

The song of mistle thrush bird is delivered confidently from a high perch, often in the early spring before leaves appear on the trees. Mistle thrush bird is less varied and more monotonous than that of the Blackbird, consisting of loud, unhurried, clear fluty notes. The Mistle Thrush gives the impression that it has paid more attention to the musical composition, with pauses between phrases, such as "tchiou chew chu... trrruu tiou chu... tewchee-chu... chewi'oojooii... chewi'oo jooii... tchoo'wee'di choo'ii... choo'twee'doo choo'wi... choo wee'doowee'chu...", etc. The commonly heard call is a dry ticking rattle, often given in flight and accelerating into a more scolding sound when alarmed, such as "tschrrrrr" or "tkhrrrrrrr'r'r'r'r'r'r'r". It also has a rapid "tck-tck-tck".