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Song Thrush Bird

Identification of Song Thrush Bird

Song Thrush Bird 1 Length: 20-22cm Wingspan: 30-36cm Call: "ssip"

Song thrush bird is a compact and smallish thrush, plain brown on the upperparts and with whitish underparts that are richly suffused with yellowish-buff on the breast and flanks. Song thrush bird is heavily spotted with black across the breast and extending down the flanks. The cheeks often show a subtle pattern of a pale patch bordered with darker smudges, and it has a dark bar on the tips of the primary coverts. Usually seen hopping on the ground, pausing to look and listen for worms etc.

Habitat of Song Thrush Bird

Song thrush bird is resident in Britain, the population supplemented in winter by birds from northern Europe. Breeds in a wide variety of forest and woodland, in parks and well-vegetated gardens, hedges, churchyards and smaller wooded patches, requiring shade and undergrowth with adjacent open areas, particularly where damp. It also occupies sparser island habitats and moorland. In winter it makes similar habitat choices.

Song / Call of Song Thrush Bird

Song Thrush Bird 2

Song thrush bird is the loud, rich song is bold and confident, given from a tall tree or similar high position with a characteristic repetition of notes which are given three or four times and followed by a short pause before the next sequence of notes begins, such as "errp hewp hewp hewp chu chi... trrree'ch- chi trrree'ch-chi... peeoo peeoo peeoo... chuchich'ichichi... do'do'di'didee... teechoo teechoo teechoo...", etc. The song is very variable, some notes being clearly enunciated and fluty, others shrill or high-pitched, and when being sung excitedly it can sometimes completely lack any pauses. Calls include a thin sharp "ssip", often heard when flushed or from migrant birds, and a low scolding "chuck'chuck chuck" or "djuk djuk djuk", accelerated into a higher-pitched rattling chatter when alarmed.