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Avocet Bird

Identification of Avocet Bird

Length: 42-46cm Wingspan: 77-80cm Call: "kluut" Avocet Bird 1

Avocet Bird is an unmistakable, graceful and elegant bird, with a striking plumageof black patterns on white. Avocet Bird has a unique slender upcurved bill which accounts for 20 per cent of the bird's total length and is used to make distinctive lateral sweeping motions when feeding. The plumage is white overall, with a black cap and rear of neck, broad black brace-like lines across its back, a pair of broad black transverse lines on the wing coverts and black wingtips. The male is blacker, the female often having a browner tinge. The legs are pale bluish-grey.

Habitat of Avocet Bird

Avocet Bird is very much a coastal bird in Europe, in the breedingseason preferring shallow saline and bracisk lagoons, saltpans, deltas, estuaries and flat open seashores with dry sandy or muddy flats, usually with a minimum of vegetation where it can nest. It can also be found well inland where there are saline lakes. Outside the breeding season it can be found commonly on estuaries, mudflats and other tidal areas, and occasionally on large lakes and reservoirs with shallow edges.

Song/call of Avocet Bird

Avocet Bird 2

The main call of Avocet Bird is a rather clipped, slightly ascending fluty whistle "kluut", (which is in fact the Dutch name of the bird) or "hlout! hloutl", often repeated as "kluut' kluut' kluut' kluut' kluut", becoming rather shrill as birds become more agitated. Frequently noisy, very much so near their colonial nest clusters where they behave aggressively to any inbound predators, or indeed any other bird, so much so that their calling can become a continuous cacophony. Also calls with a shorter, lower-pitched "kup", a higher-pitched "kleeup" and an even higher "klitp!".