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Bar-tailed Godwit Bird

Identification of Bar-tailed Godwit Bird

Bar Tailed Godwit Bird 1 Length: 37-39cm Wingspan: 70-80cm Call: "kep!"

Bar-tailed Godwit Bird is similar in many ways to Black-tailed Godwit, this is a large wader with medium-long legs and a long, slightly upcurved bill, which is dark in summer and flesh-coloured on the basal half in winter. The summer plumage is dominated by a dark reddish-chestnut colour over the head, neck and underparts, all the way to the tail and offset by silver-grey wings and a strongly patterned back of black feathers edged in rufous. In winter the upperparts are brownish-grey, the mantle and scapulars have darker centres to the feathers, and it lacks any white wingbar. The underparts are off-white with a buff-brown wash on the chest. The rump is white at all seasons.

Habitat of Bar-tailed Godwit Bird

Bar-tailed Godwit Bird is a high Arctic breeder which nests on low-lying wet tundra and bogs, also on swampy ground with raised hummocks and scattered trees where birds freely perch. In winter it is primarily coastal, favouring extensive mudflats, estuaries, bays, saltpans, sheltered inlets and sometimes island beaches, where firm mud within the intertidal zone provides rich feeding on invertebrates. Bar-tailed Godwit Bird is occasional inland as a migrant, turning up on freshwater bodies or flooded areas.

Song / call of Bar-tailed Godwit Bird

Bar Tailed Godwit Bird 2

The common call of Bar-tailed Godwit Bird is a sharp "kep!" or "chet!", sometimes a disyllabic "ki-vip", often repeated, with a range of similar variants including a barking "kak-kak" and a nasal "ki-wuh". On the breeding grounds it sings with a rapid "ke'deu ke'deu ke' deu ke'deu ke'deu" or "i'vidh'i'vidh'i'vidh'i'vidh'i...", which is often accompanied by a nasal laughing "wahwahwah!" or "hweh-hweh weh". This latter call of Bar-tailed Godwit Bird is given in flight at other times of year, and can be heard sometimes at night as birds migrate overhead.