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Black-tailed Godwit Bird

Identification of black-tailed Godwit Bird

Black Tailed Godwit Bird 1 Length: 40-44cm Wingspan: 70-82cm Call: "kip-kip-kip"

Black-Tailed Godwit Bird is a big wader, larger, longer-legged and longer-billed than Bar-tailed Godwit, although birds of the islandica race (the form most frequently seen in Britain) are much closer in size and measurements to the Bar-tailed than the larger nominate limosa. In breeding plumage it shows an orange-rufous head, neck and breast, and a white belly and vent with dark bars extending from the shoulder across the flanks and belly. The upperparts are predominantly a clean grey with a random scattering of feathers patterned with black and rufous, most regular on the upper back. The bill is long and nearly straight, with the basal 60 per cent flesh-pink, but more orangey in spring. In winter the plumage is very plain ashy-grey. Juveniles are washed orange on the neck and breast and have more strongly patterned upperparts. The summer plumage of islandica birds is closer to that of the Bar-tailed, with a darker rufous-chestnut extending further down the belly and flanks, and darker and more strongly patterned upperparts.

Habitat of black-tailed Godwit Bird

In the breeding season, Black-Tailed Godwit Bird is found in wet meadows, damp grassland, pastures, the margins of freshwater marshes, damp moorland and blanket bogs, and any kind of marginal open country where water-logged or seasonally flooded. In Iceland it nests in similar habitat but tends towards marshy, hummocky moorland. Outside the breeding season it favours estuaries, sheltered inlets, saltmarshes, coastal mudflats, lagoons and brackish pools, and freshwater habitats such as paddyfields and flooded grassland.

Song/call of black-tailed Godwit Bird

Black Tailed Godwit Bird 2

On the breeding grounds Black-Tailed Godwit Bird is very vocal, excitedly mobbing intruders or displaying in a noisy aerial song flight. The song is a repeated two- or three-note pattern, such as a nasal "uh'uh'werrh' uh'uh'werrh-uh'uh'werrh-uh'uh'werrh-uh'uh' werrh..." or "e'e'e'eh-weouw, eh-weouw, eh-weouw, eh-weouw...", or a strident "wheddu-wheddu-wheddu-wheddu-wheddu...", with variants such as a staccato "i'i'i'i'id-wheeeow". Call notes uttered by birds on the ground or in the air are a peevish Lapwing-like "peeoo", and a sharp nasal "kyep!", "kyep'ep" or "kip-kip-kip". A sociable bird, often seen in flocks, which utter a conversational yapping.