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Common Sandpiper Bird

Identification of Common Sandpiper Bird

Common Sandpiper Bird 1 Length: 18-21 cm Wingspan: 38-41cm Call: "swee-wee-wee"

Common Sandpiper Bird is a dumpy, short-legged wader with some strongly defined characters, such as a continual and exaggerated bobbing of the rear body and a flickering action to the wings, which are held below the horizontal as it flies low over the water, interspersed with short glides on stiff wings. Common Sandpiper Bird is rather short-necked, long-bodied and long-tailed, white below, olive-brown above and with a dusky breast that is stronger at the sides and outlined by a white spur on the lower edge that extends up to the shoulder.

Habitat of Common Sandpiper Bird

Common Sandpiper Bird is an adaptable wader with a wide range covering several climatic zones, it is strongly tied to freshwater and in the breeding season can be found along slow-flowing upland rivers and streams, sheltered rocky and sandy sea coasts, inlets and archipelagos, lakes and pools with sandy or gravel shores, in forested areas where these habitat types can be found, and sometimes in mountains to high altitudes. Outside the breeding season it occurs more widely, on all kinds of freshwater habitats, such as rivers, streams, pools, lakes, lagoons and marshes, and also on more saline areas such as saltmarshes, creeks and rocky shorelines, although it avoids open mudflats.

Song / call of Common Sandpiper Bird

Common Sandpiper Bird 2

Common Sandpiper Bird is a vocal wader, with a distinctive call of three cheery notes "swee-wee-wee" or "peee'wi'wi", given frequently in flight but also from the ground. This may also vary from one single note to several notes strung together, depending on the bird's state of excitement. Migrants can often be heard calling at night as they pass over inland areas. The alarm call is a "peeeee" of similar high pitch although shriller, and rather piercing when heard at close range; it is given in warning, especially when near the nest or chicks. The song, delivered in a song flight of flickering wings over the breeding grounds, is a continual medley of notes similar to the call, "uh'u'wi'wi - uh'u'wi'wi - uh'u'wi'wi..." or "chi'wi'didi -chi'wi'didi - chi'wi'didi...", interspersed with a sharper "chit! chit! chit!".