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Green Sandpiper Bird

Identification of Green Sandpiper Bird

Green Sandpiper Bird 1 Length: 20-24cm Wingspan: 57-61cm Call: "tlooeet!"

Green Sandpiper Bird is an elegant medium-sized sandpiper, larger than the similar Wood and Common Sandpipers, and looking very much broader in the beam and dumpier. Green Sandpiper Bird is a very striking blackish and white bird, particularly in flight when the square white rump and underparts contrast with the blackish-green wings and upperparts. It is well marked across the entire breast with diffuse streaking, and has a well-defined lower edge to the breast markings. It has a strong white supercilium in front of the eye, weakly marked behind the eye, and a narrow white eye-ring. The shortish legs are green, the bill is medium length and straight, and it bobs the body in the same manner as the Common Sandpiper.

Habitat of Green Sandpiper Bird

Nests arboreally, in the old nest of another bird such as a thrush, in flooded forest, boreal bogs, wet willow scrub, along forest streams and in marshes with stands of trees, but always near freshwater, standing pools or swamps with muddy shores that can provide feeding. Outside the breeding season, Green Sandpiper Bird can use very small water bodies, often rather enclosed, such as woodland pools, ditches, flashes and seasonal floods, sewage farms, streams, lakeshores and marshes. It avoids mudflats, coastal habitats and wide open areas.

Song / call of Green Sandpiper Bird

Green Sandpiper Bird 2

The most commonly heard vocalization of Green Sandpiper Bird is the flight call, given loudly as the bird climbs steeply away when disturbed from a discrete pool or ditch. It is a clear ringing "klu' uweeet-whit' whit' whit", the first note rising sharply, the others even and higher pitched. This call is variable, often with just a single "tlooeet!" or a longer sequence of several notes. The song, infrequently heard in Britain, is of similar quality to these call notes, with a fluty rhythmic piping and "klid-oo-weet, klid-oo-weet, klid-oo-weet, tluuuee-dee'it, tluuuee-dee'it, tluuuee-dee'it..." etc. It also gives a clipped, flat alarm note, "chut' chut' chut' chut' chut" or a "chep' chep' chep".