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Greenshank Bird

Identification of Greenshank Bird

Greenshank Bird 1 Length: 30-34cm Wingspan: 68-70cm Call: "chu! chu! chu!"

Greenshank Bird is a large bulky wader with a robust medium-long, slightly upturned bill and medium-length dull green legs. The upperparts of Greenshank bird are greenish-grey, with the feathers on the mantle and wings patterned irregularly with black in summer, while in winter they are greyer with fine spotting. In all plumages it appears pale-headed, closer inspection revealing fine streaking on the crown and neck. The white underparts are spotted with black in summer. In flight the wings are plain and dark, contrasting with a long and broad white rump and mostly white tail. Juveniles appear darker on the upperparts.

Habitat of Greenshank Bird

In the breeding season, Greenshank Bird can be found on moorland and taiga with scattered trees, bogs, wild tracts and uplands, although selecting drier areas than some relatives. On passage, migrant birds en route to Africa for the winter disperse on to freshwater habitats such as lakes, marshes, shallow lagoons and flooded pastures, plus coastal areas such as the seashore, estuaries, lagoons, mangroves and saltpans.

Song/call of Greenshank Bird

Greenshank Bird 2

The familiar call of the Greenshank bird is a clear ringing note repeated two or three times, "chu!-chu!-chu!" or "Tiou' Tiou'Tiou!", often given in flight. It gives a shorter, sharper call when more agitated, sometimes running this call into a longer sequence, and in the breeding season often calls with a shrill chipping "chi'chi'chi'chi'...", particularly near the nest when anxious. The song of Greenshank Bird is given in a roving song flight high in the air and is a rather mournful two-syllable "cheh-wher cheh-wher cheh-wher cheh-wher cheh-wher..." or "oo-hwerr oo-hwerr oo-hwerr oo-hwerr oo-hwerr oo-hwerr...", the first note descending and the second ascending, the sequence rising and falling as the sound is carried on the wind.