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Little Ringed Plover Bird

Identification of Little Ringed Plover Bird

Little Ringed Plover Bird 1 Length: 14-17cm Wingspan: 42-48cm Call: "pee-oo"

Little Ringed Plover Bird is very similar to the Ringed Plover at first glance, but is smaller, slimmer and more attenuated, with a bold yellow eye-ring. Although Little Ringed Plover Bird has a pattern of black rings and bands similar to Ringed, with black cheeks, lores and band over the forecrown, Little Ringed shows a white band across the posterior edge of the black on the crown that connects with the white over and behind the eye. The breast and collar band is also narrower. The legs are pinkish-grey, and the upperwing is plain and lacks any wingbar. The bill is thinner and longer than that of Ringed, and black in summer.

Habitat of Little Ringed Plover Bird

Little Ringed Plover Bird is essentially a freshwater version of Ringed Plover, this is a summer visitor that breeds on sandy and gravelly banks and along the borders of pools, lakes, reservoirs, salt pans and gravel pits, as well as on river banks. It can occasionally be found on industrial sites and at quarries where open sandy or dry areas exist adjacent to a little freshwater and mud. On passage it occurs more widely, but tends to avoid coastal habitats.

Song/call of Little Ringed Plover Bird

Little Ringed Plover Bird 2

The main call of Little Ringed Plover Bird is distinctly different from that of Ringed Plover, a descending "pee-oo" with the on the first syllable and with a short second syllable. Typically a clear piping sound, it can acquire a gravelly quality when given in different situations, as do some of its other calls. The note given in alarm is a shorter and more urgent "peeaul" or "ee-eau!", sometimes in a trisyllabic "peeo! ee-oo' ee-oo", the latter two notes lower in pitch. The display song is a deeper "pee-po pee-po pee-po pee-po", interspersed with a higher "kip kip kip" and a more gravelly "gree-yo gree-yo gree-yo gree-yo", with repeated phrases of "ip'ip'gree-yo" or "ip'ip'pee-boh". Also breaks into a hard chipping and trilling not unlike the call of the Oystercatcher.