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Redshank Bird

Identification of Redshank Bird

Redshank Bird 1 Length: 27-29cm Wingspan: 59-66cm Call: "TEU-huhu"

Redshank Bird is the most common and noticeable medium-sized wader in American region, with medium-long red legs and a straight bill with a red base. Redshank Bird has a striking pattern in flight, with a large white wedge on its rump and white secondaries and inner primaries forming a broad white trailing edge to the wing. The winter plumage is a rather plain grey-brown with a dingy mottled and brown-washed breast, whereas in summer the upperparts are brighter olive-brown finely marked with black; the breast is darker and the white underparts are strongly streaked and blotched with black.

Habitat of Redshank Bird

In the breeding season,Redshank Bird favours damp ground in open or rolling country, sometimes to a fairly high altitude, on moist meadows and grassland, marshes and open moorland free from tall vegetation, bushes etc and with good all-round visibility. Typical habitats frequented outside the breeding season include mainly coastal areas with soft mud such as intertidal mudflats and estuaries, lagoons, bays, harbours and shorelines. It can also occur on fresh or brackish water bodies, sewage farms and various other wetland margins with rich invertebrate fauna.

Song / call of Redshank Bird

Redshank Bird 2

Redshank bird is a noisy and obvious bird, the common and familiar call is a ringing downwards-inflected "TEU-huhu" or "CHEW-tutu", with variants on that theme including a shorter "Tyoo'oo" and a more liquid "TLOOo-dudu". Single sharp notes such as "chet! chet! chet! chet!" or "kew! kew! kew! kew!" are given in anxiety and in alarm near the nest, together with a less-alarmed and softer "kyup kyup" or a Coot-like "kew, kew, kew". The song, given in a display flight, is a repetitive "teu! teu! teu! teu! teu! teu!" and a rapid liquid fluty "woo'dli-woo'dli-woo'dli-woo'dli..." or "hi-weedly'weedly'weedly'weedly...".