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Wood Sandpiper Bird

Identification of Wood Sandpiper Bird

Wood Sandpiper Bird 1 Length: 18-21 cm Wingspan: 56-57cm Call: "chiff-chiff-chiff"

Wood Sandpiper bird is a slim and elegant wader, smaller than Green Sandpiper and with a longer slim neck, longish yellow-ochre legs and a more dainty appearance, approaching Redshank in shape. The upperparts are paler, greyer in adults and browner in juveniles, and in all plumages it is well spotted on the back and wings. The breast of wood sandpiper bird is loosely streaked in a more diffuse pattern than the Green, and it lacks any clear breast band. It always shows a well-defined whitish supercilium in front of and behind the eye, bordered below with a blackish eye-stripe. In flight it shows a square white rump, and the underwing is very pale, unlike the black underwing of the Green.

Habitat of Wood Sandpiper Bird

Breeds in swampy habitats within the taiga forest zone, favouring forest bogs and lightly wooded marshy areas, or the more open habitats of 'forest-tundra' with scrub of willow and other species and open boggy areas of sedge and grass. A familiar migrant wader in american region, Wood Sandpiper Bird avoids open exposed habitats like the seashore and mudflats, seeking freshwater pools and marshes, grasslands, paddyfields, shallow lakes and lagoons, and can occur on small temporary pools and muddy habitats.

Song / call of Wood Sandpiper Bird

Wood Sandpiper Bird 2

Wood Sandpiper Bird is quite vocal, the commonly heard flight call (which gives the bird its Russian name of "Fifi") being a short, repeated, high-pitched single note "chiff-chiff-chiff", rather soft in quality and occasionally repeated in longer sequences or rising in pitch in a more agitated version, when it may begin to sound more Redshank-like. The song is given on the breeding grounds in a display flight or from a perch, and is a rapid repeated 'wheedling' sound, "chirro o' chirroo' chirroo' chirroo' che!" or "weedl-weedl-weedl-weedl-whiw", interspersed with a lower-pitched "pup' pup' pup' pup" or "chup' chup' chup' chup' chup". It also mixes in a continuous liquid tittering "titt' it' rr' tr' tt' rr' tr' t t' rr' tt". The alarm call is a drawn-out peeping note, "hweeeep".