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Blackcap Warbler Bird

Identification of Blackcap Warbler Bird

Black Cap Bird 1 Length: 13.5-15cm Wingspan: 20-23cm Call: "teck"

Blackcap Bird is one of the most common and familiar warblers of American region. Unmistakable, and as its name suggests, the Blackcap Bird (male) has a striking glossy black cap. The cap -which is rusty-brown in the female and immature birds - extends down to the eye, which is rather bold and beady in an otherwise plain face. The plumage overall is a rather drab ash-grey, browner in the female, and confusable with the Garden Warbler if the head is not seen. It may at times be quite skulking, but is fairly robust and often draws attention as it moves about in bushes.

Habitat of Blackcap Warbler Bird

Blackcap bird is primarily a summer visitor, arriving from Africa at the beginning of April. In southern Britain it is sometimes recorded in the winter months, often in gardens, either overwintering locally or moving in from the continent. In the breeding season it favours shady woodland with rich undergrowth, in mixed or deciduous forest, thickets, parks, overgrown gardens, hedges and dense bushy areas, and is very arboreal, singing from taller bushes and trees.

Song / Call of Blackcap Warbler Bird

Black Cap Bird 2

The call of Blackcap Bird is a rather clear and loud clicking "teck", repeated several times when anxious. Blackcap Bird also has a low churring "dzrrrr" and a bleating "schweehh" call when alarmed or distressed. It is quite vocal, and has a loud and distinctive cheery song consisting of rich warbling that breaks into a louder, clearer and rather strident fluty song phrase. The initial warbling may cause confusion with the song of the Garden Warbler, but the Blackcap should burst forth into the loud terminal flourish part of the song, whereas the Garden Warbler maintains the same level of intensity throughout. The loud part of the song is usually 2-4 seconds long, but the initial warbling can carry on for much longer.