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Cetti's Warbler Bird

Identification of Cetti's Warbler Bird

Cettis Warbler Bird 1 Length: 13-14cm Wingspan: 15-19cm Call: "cht! cht! cht!"

Cetti's warbler bird is a stocky, compact and medium-sized warbler which often carries its tail half-cocked. Cetti's warbler bird is a rich red-brown on the upperparts, grey on the head sides and supercilium, with a darker line through the eye. The throat is greyish-white, the breast and belly greyish, and the undertail coverts are brown, occasionally tipped paler. The wings are short and stubby and the tail is broad. At times it is Wren-like in behaviour, and can be very skulking as it keeps to cover close to the ground.

Habitat of cetti's warbler bird

Cetti's warbler bird is a relatively recent colonist of Britain, and spreading further from its stronghold in the south-east. It is resident, favouring tangled thickets of bushes and shrubs around the margins of wetlands such as lakes, marshes, rivers, streams, canals etc, but does also occur in drier reedbeds with willow and bramble scrub.

Song / Call of Cetti's Warbler Bird

The song of Cetti's warbler bird is a sudden explosive burst of very loud notes, typically sung once from dense cover, then not again for several minutes. The classic or most clearly structured version consists of a loud single introductory note, followed by a very short pause, then a very rapid six-note phrase repeated two or three times, such as "chett! tsitt'iwich'iwee'ju! tsitt'iwich'iwee'ju!". Cetti's warbler bird is given throughout the year, sometimes by the female, and may also be used as a contact or alarm note. Other variants are commonly heard, such as "chett! chitchiwah! chitchiwah! chitchiwah!", or mixed up with call notes, as in "chip chip chitiwah chitiwah chitiwah chip" and "chit'op chit'op chit'op perchew'perchew'perchew". It has various call notes, such as "chlip chlip", a Wren-like scolding "trr'tr'trt' trt'trt'trt' trt' trt' trt' trt", or a more Blackbird-like "cht! cht! cht! cht! cht!".