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Chiffchaff Bird

Identification of chiffchaff Bird

Chiffchaff Bird 1 Length: 10-12cm Wingspan: 15-21 cm Call: "h'weet"

A demure little warbler with a distinctive song, confiding and active and frequently flicking its wings and dipping its tail. ChiffChaff Bird is most similar to the Mtilbw Wartrtsr, tf can tie separated1 by its dark brown or blackish legs. The overall colouration of ChiffChaff bird is more olive-brown than the Willow Warbler, with less yellow tones. The underparts are off-white, with a variable amount of yellow-buff washing on the throat and breast, and the face is less strongly marked, with a more indistinct supercilium and darker cheeks that highlight the whitish eyering which is bisected by a dark eyestripe. It is also dumpier and shorter-winged.

Habitat of chiffchaff Bird

ChiffChaff bird is a common summer visitor and one of the earliest arrivals in spring, with the first songsters heard in Britain in early March. It favours rather tall trees, and can be found in open mixed and deciduous woodland with tall trees and shrubs, in large gardens, parks, churchyards, tall hedgerows, tall scrub and plantations. Many overwinter in milder parts of southern Britain, appearing in sheltered gardens etc.

Song / Call of chiffchaff Bird

The call of ChiffChaff bird is a simpler, more monosyllabic and higher-pitched version of the call of the Willow Warbler, a slightly upslurred and emphatic "huitt", "pwee!" or "h'weet". When anxious it will give a flatter "peep", and juveniles give a similar call. The eponymous song is a rather stow and measured, monotonous citesr tno-note repetition, the first note higher than the second, as in "tsilf-tsalf tsilf-tsalf tsilf-tsalf...", often ending on a lower note. It occasionally elaborates on this simple rhythm, with variations such as a three-note "chiff-chiff'chaff, chiff-chiff-chaff chiff-chiff-chaff...". Between bouts of song it often gives a "trrrr... trrrr..." sound, audible only at fairly close range. Often sings from high in a tall tree.