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Garden Warbler Bird

Identification of Garden Warbler Bird

Garden Warbler Bird Length: 13-14.5cm Wingspan: 20-24.5cm Call: "djeck djeck djeck"

A demure and unassuming bird,Garden Warbler Bird, lacking any major plumage features. Garden Warbler bird is rather plump and stocky, with a rounded head, plain mouse-brown upperparts, and whitish underparts washed browner on the flanks. The tail is plain and lacks white outer feathers. The dark staring eye is obvious, with pale crescents above and below, and is set in a gentle-looking face. The bill is fairly stout and pale grey on the lower mandible, and the stout legs are light grey.

Habitat of Garden Warbler Bird

Garden Warbler Bird is a summer visitor, breeding in mixed and deciduous open woodland with clearings and rich undergrowth, in parks, large gardens, streamside woods, thickets and heaths. It requires taller trees mixed with shrubbery, and so has much habitat overlap with the Blackcap, but it generally favours more shrubby areas. It is rather shy and skulking, and sensitive to disturbance.

Song / Call of Garden warbler Bird

The song of garden warbler bird is a very pleasant, confident and sweet baritone warbling, sustained for 3-8 seconds and rising and falling throughout the song phrase. It is simitar to that of the Blackcap and often confused with it, but is quicker, more subdued, has a mellower sound and is often sung in longer phrases and without the sudden changes in pitch towards the end. It descends into lower frequency notes more often than the Blackcap, and was once described as "having taken singing lessons from a brook passing under a small bridge"! The call is a rather nasal chacking sound, often repeated in a series of calls, particularly when anxious, such as "djeck djeck djeck...". It also has a low grating "chrrrr" and a soft ascending "duij", given in alarm.