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Greenish Warbler Bird

Identification of Greenish Warbler Bird

Greenish Warbler Bird 1 Length: 9.5-10.5cm Wingspan: 15-21 cm Call: "tizh'oo!"

Greenish warbler bird is a small, restless warbler with a rather large rounded head. It is greyish-green above, with a short, narrow, whitish wingbar formed by pale tips to the greater coverts. The underparts are whitish, the legs are grey-brown and the bill has a pinkish-orange lower mandible which makes it appear stouter. The head is strongly marked, with a long, whitish supercilium reaching the nape at the rear and extending over the bill and on to the forehead, highlighted by a prominent dark eyestripe and a pale cheek below.

Habitat of Greenish Warbler Bird

Greenish warbler bird is a scarce but annual visitor to the east coast of Britain, usually as a spring overshoot or an autumn migrant. Greenish warbler bird breeds from the eastern Baltic eastwards and favours open mixed or broad-leaved woodland with tall trees and rich undergrowth, parks, large gardens, riverine woods and thickets. Migrants appear in coastal scrub and bushy areas, particularly where taller trees are found. It winters in India.

Song / Call of Greenish Warbler Bird

The song of greenish warbler bird is a rapid, jerky shuttling burst of notes that sound as if they overlap with each other, delivered more or less on a level tone, such as "tseuu-tseuu-tseuu tsi'wee schi'schi'schi tsit'si-chew-si si-chew-si si-chew-si" or "tsii tsii tsii tsittisee tsitti-see'tsee'tsee'tsee-tsechu-si". Marginally slower at the start, it then accelerates in the middle with a slight flourish at the end. Greenish warbler bird can include a rattle of more quickly repeated notes, and typically lasts for 2-4 seconds. It is often likened to the song of the White Wagtail, as is the common call note, which is a slightly descending, disyllabic, rather quick "tizh'oo!" or "tiss'yip". If also gives a milder version of this call, aflatter "swee-er", "swss-eh" or "ts'sieh". Sings from the crown of a tall tree.