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Savi's Warbler Bird

Identification of Savi's Warbler Bird

Savi's Warbler Bird 1 Length: 13.5-15cm Wingspan: 18-21 cm Call: "zick"

Savi's warbler bird is a rather plain and brown bird, superficially similar to the Reed Warbler, with which it shares the same habitat. It is larger and bulkier than that species, with long rusty-buff undertail coverts that reach almost to the tail tip, a long and broad graduated tail and a convex curve to the leading edge of the closed wing. It is uniformly warm brown on the head and upperparts, cold brownish-buff on the underparts, with a dingy wash across the breast and flanks and a whitish throat. The head is rather plain, with an indistinct short pale supercilium.

Habitat of Savi's Warbler Bird

Savi's warbler bird is a summer visitor from Africa and very scarce in Britain, visiting a handful of localities in some years only. It is found almost exclusively in extensive tall Phragmites reedbeds, and is therefore hard to see except when singing. Typically it clambers up a tall reed stem, where it sits and sings for long periods. It is sometimes found in tall rushes, bulrush or other dense waterside vegetation, or very rarely at stations while on migration.

Song / Call of Savi's Warbler Bird

The song of savi's warbler bird is similar to that of the Grasshopper Warbler, a long continuous mechanical 'reeling', but is lower pitched (at around 4kHz) and much faster, at 48-50 double notes per second, which gives the sound a harder and more buzzing quality. Like the song of the Grasshopper Warbler, the sound has a ventriloquistic dimension as the bird turns its head, from side to side. It often begins a session with a series of ticking notes, before launching into the song, which can last for many minutes. Often heard at night, at a distance the song may be confused with that of the Mole Cricket! The call is a monosyllabic "tchink" or "zick", or a more clucking "chuck", accelerating into a rattle when alarmed.