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Sedge Warbler Bird

How to identify Sedge Warbler Bird?

Sedge Warbler Bird 1 Length: 11.5-13cm Wingspan: 17-21 cm Call: "chrrrrr"

Sedge warbler bird is a brown and buff bird with a boldly marked bead, it has a broad buffish-white supercilium contrasting with a darker streaked crown, dark eyestripe and lores, and brown cheeks. The upperparts are brown with vague and diffuse streaking, the plain rump appearing brighter and warmer. The underparts are whitish with a buff wash on the breast and flanks. Juveniles have narrow dark streaks on the upper breast. It is often confiding, perching up on branches and reed stems.

How Sedge Warbler Birds live?

Sedge warbler bird is a common summer visitor, breeding in a wide variety of wetland habitats but also away from water in drier places with lush herbage, such as in hedges, overgrown meadows, coastal scrub and cereal crops. It favours low dense vegetation, in marshy areas and reedbeds with scattered bushes, tall rushes, riverside willows, canalsides, ditches and swampy bushy areas.

What is Sedge Warbler Birds song or call?

Sedge Warbler Bird 2

Sedge warbler bird gives a grating nasal "chrrrrr" when anxious, and some scolding "tsuk" notes, which are occasionally run together into a rattle when alarmed. The song is often delivered in long sequences and is rather fast, vigorous and with abrupt changes across a wide tonal range, comprising excited churring and harsh chattering notes that vary up and down in pitch, interspersed with departures into high frequency trills and sweet whistles, and occasional mimicry of other songsters, such as "trri trri trri cheo'cheo trri trri srrreoo trri trri tue'tue'tue uh'uh'uh'i'er'i'er' cheoo chi'chi'chi' tr'tr'tr'tr peeo'chrrr'peeo'chrr chrr chrr trrrrrrrrrrrrr dididididididi trrr...", etc. It is a much more energetic sound when compared to the safe pedestrian tempo of the Reed Warbler, and is frequently given in song flights.