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Wood Warbler Bird

Identification of Wood Warbler Bird

Wood Warbler Bird 1 Length: 11-12.5cm Wingspan: 19.5-24cm Call: "tyuu"

Wood Warbler Bird is an attractive warbler, with a bright lemon-yellow throat, cheek and upper breast, sharply demarcated from a silky-white belly and vent. Wood Warbler bird has a broad lemon-yellow supercilium and a rich moss-green eyestripe and upperparts. The wings are long, mostly occluding the tail, with wing coverts and remiges brightly fringed with greenish-yellow. The white undertail coverts are very long and almost reach the tail tip.

Habitat of Wood Warbler Bird

Wood Warbler bird is a summer visitor, with a marked westerly distribution in Britain. It is a forest bird, found in shady, open, mixed and deciduous woodland, frequently in hilly country, with mature trees and little or no undergrowth. In Britain it is often found in sessile oakwoods, with mature beechwoods also favoured both here and in other parts of Europe. Infrequently recorded on passage.

Song / Call of Wood Warbler Bird

There are two very different types of song, both used freely and often together. The most frequently heard is a beautiful descending and accelerating crescendo of notes, typically lasting 3.5 seconds but occasionally longer when the introduction is prolonged. It starts hesitantly with a few notes that quicken and get louder, then dropping into a liquid rolling trill, such as "tit-tit-tit it'tit'it'it'it'it'it'it..." lasting 1.3 -1.5 seconds and consisting of about 14-16 notes per second. The second song type, which often accompanies the first, is a simple series of 5-6 longer piping notes, lasting about 2 seconds, such as "peww-peww-peww-peww-peww. occasionally with a quiet "tsit" on the end. The call is a monosyllabic, flat, piping "tyuu", not unlike the note used in the second song type. It can also give a shrill, penetrating "see-see-see" when excited, and a soft "wit'wit'wit'wit".