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Green Woodpecker Bird

Identification of Green Woodpecker Bird

Green Woodpecker Bird 1 Length: 31-33cm Wingspan: 40-42cm Call: "hwa'hwa'hwa'hwa'hwa'hwa..."

Green Woodpecker Bird is a large woodpecker, with green upperparts that are yellower on the rump, which shows clearly in the deeply undulating flight. The underparts of Green Woodpecker Bird are pale greenish-grey, and it has a long, powerful horn-coloured bill. The head and face are boldly marked, with a red crown that extends to the nape. The face is black, with a staring white eye, and a short black moustache which is centred with red in the male, but is all black in the female.

Habitat of Green Woodpecker Bird

Green Woodpecker Bird is a familiar and common bird, resident across our region. It avoids dense forest and is found in open broad-leaved woodlands with clearings, forest edge, large gardens, parkland, orchards, hedges with mature trees, farmland, pastures, rough grassland and heaths with scattered trees. Often encountered in areas with open ground and grassy areas such as golf courses, it spends much of its time on the ground. Turf-dwelling ants are a favourite food, and it has a very long tongue with which to lick them up.

Song / Call of Green Woodpecker Bird

Green Woodpecker Bird 2

The advertising call of the Green Woodpecker Bird (male), usually sung from high in a large tree, is a far-carrying, and slightly accelerating laughing series of notes,"hwa' hwa' hwa' hwa' hwa' hwa...", colloquially described as 'yaffling'. It typically lasts for 1-3 seconds, dropping in pitch towards the end of the call, with a rate of about 6 'yaffs' per second. The female gives a shorter, flatter 'yaffle', not dissimilar to the call of the Whimbrel. In flight both sexes give a loud, chuckling and oft-repeated call of 3-4 syllables, such as "chyuk'chyuk'chyuk'chyuk" or "kye'kye'kye", also expressed when perched as an alarm or excitement call. The drum is rarely heard, and said to be fairly quiet and last 1.5 seconds.