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Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird

Identification of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird 2 Length: 14-15cm Wingspan: 25-27cm Call: "e-pee'pee'pee'peee'pee'pee'pee"

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird is the smallest of our woodpeckers, a real midget with a short stubby bill and small rounded head, and at 17-25g is just 25 per cent of the weight of the GreatSpotteo.The underparts of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird are whitish without red on the vent, and with a prominent black submoustachial stripe from the bill that flares on the neck side and disperses downwards into streaks on the flanks. Upperparts are black, cross-barred with white bands from mantle to flight feathers. The male has a red crown, lacking in the female which has a buffy-white patch restricted to the forecrown.

Habitat of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird

Resident in American region, although Lesser Spotted Woodpecker bird is rather unobtrusive and easily overlooked, and has much declined in England in recent years. It can be found in broad-leaved and mixed woodlands, favouring parks, large gardens, orchards, copses, groves and alder trees along river valleys, ranging into more marginal habitats in winter. Feeds on insects by gleaning along trunks, small branches and twigs, also known to 'flycatch', and usually requires a good supply of decaying wood.

Song / Call of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird 1

The short "chick" call is similar to and confusable with that of the Great Spotted, yet is weaker, higher-pitched and less far-carrying. The advertising call is a long, fast series of rather shrill piping notes, "e-pee' pee' pee' peee' pee' pee' pee" or "qwi'qwi'qwi'qwi'qwi...", sometimes trailing away at the end. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird is rather similar to the calls of Wryneck and Kestrel. This call is primarily used in the breeding season, but may be heard at other times, as is the drumming, which is used as a territorial 'call'. It drums faster, longer and more evenly than the Great Spotted, lacking the 'drum roll', and lasting up to 1.75 seconds at a rate of 18-19 'hits' per second.